Basic Rules of the Game

The game is a variation of the standard Bingo rules where you try to get or mark off five blocks in a row- either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Unlike Bingo, however, you are not looking for numbers, but rather searching for people dressed in a particular way or with certain items.

This page outlines the basic gameplay. See the "The WTF Rule" and The Details pages for more information, to include a PDF with a complete listing of the rules.

The game is played with each player having one card with the same 25 items in a different order.  When a person sees an item from a card, they will point it out to the other players (discreetly) and have at least one other player verify that they also saw that item. You cannot use the same person to mark off more than one item. For example, if you saw a person with pink hair wearing a baby sling you could mark off 'colored hair' OR 'baby-sling' but not both.

The game is played in high traffic public locations so each group can only have a maximum of 4 players in order to minimize the chance of being spotted playing.  The players will split into multiple groups if there are more than 4 players. ​ The

groups can be in the same or different areas of a given location and cannot change locations until after the current card or round is completed.

Bingo normally has a 'Free Space' in the center square; we have "The WTF Rule"™. The "WTF" is a Wild Card type item that a player can use to mark any one square of their choice. The "WTF" can be any number of WTF inducing things, but it cannot be something already listed on the current card.

A player calls their "WTF" to the group and announces which square they are using it for. The "WTF" item must also be agreed to by at least one other player who sees the item being called a "WTF". This move CANNOT be a Bingo-winning move. It can be used for an item a player believes is less common or the least common on a row that they are close to getting Bingo on.

These rules will flex some as the nature of the games includes some subjectiveness. Organizers are cautioned that there are no prizes in the official rules at this time so as to maintain the cooperative spirit of this fun social-driven event. Each organizer can choose to implement prizes if they wish. Either way, there will be winners and they will walk away with bragging rights and the knowledge that a good time was had by all.

These rules are current as of December 14, 2012 and are subject to change.